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National sea cucumber processing technology research and Development sub-Center

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    research content
    To increase investment in science and technology, to further strengthen scientific and technological personnel, vigorously promote independent innovation, the technology center will be become the domestic industry leading research and development base. Homey group around two aspects of sea cucumber food production (aquaculture) and processing, to food safety, food hygiene as the fundamental, to green pollution-free food of sea cucumber processing technology as the core, in order to improve food production and enhance the traditional sea cucumber processing technology, and high additional value functional sea food research and development as the focus, improve the sea cucumber food production and processing technology of comprehensive integrated overall capacity. Centre attaches great importance to scientific and technological achievements transformation, and achieved significant economic benefits, new product sales revenue increased year by year, accounting for the proportion of sales revenue has increased annually, technological innovation has become a major growth point of the Groups development. After 5-7 years of construction, the technology center will be built into more solid technical strength, more sophisticated hardware equipment, testing and research and development reached the international advanced level, lead to the sea cucumber food industry in the future development of the scientific and technological research and development center. To promote the timely transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the rapid development of sea cucumber aquaculture and sea cucumber food and health food processing industry , to improve its economic and social benefits. New sales revenue of up to 2.6 billion yuan.
    Instrument and equipment
    1 fluorescence inverted microscope
    2 Nutrient automatic analyzer
    3 automatic sterilizing pot 
    4 inert gas separator
    5 inflatable packaging machine
    6 concentration device
    7 spray-drying apparatus
    8 quick freezing equipment
    9 small refrigerating and drying equipment 
    10 vacuum drying equipment
    Personnel composition
    Homey Group Co. Ltd., Biology institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences. The technology center has a research team with prominent ability and rational structure, R & D personnel 307, including 8 the enjoyment of the State Council and provincial government special allowance , 3 municipal outstanding contributions experts, 13 doctors, 29 masters degree, 13 professor level senior engineer, 126 high, intermediate title personnel.

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